Floor mounted series



Duluxe Neptune offers a hard-wearing fix for any restroom cubicles and it is easy to maintain. Its waterproof and shock resistant characteristics allow this system to withstand heavy duty usage. This system is composed of solid compact laminate panel contrasted with the classic black nylon accessories, giving it an ageless aspect.



Duluxe Saturn is achieved by combining the two elements of solid compact laminates and long-lasting stainless steel, the result is a system that not only looks contemporary but also has the ability to withstand harsh conditions. This clean and simple cubicle is the solution to your restroom problems.



Equipped with a quintessential look, DuraClass Venus offers a solid structure matched with the elegant stainless steel accessories. This system is rigid and stable, providing the qualifies that are apt for high traffic and heavy usage. Complete with its various resistance and type 304 satin finish, DrippClass Venus is definitely the answer to your worries.

Wall mounted

The elementary system that will cater to all the needs of a restroom – long-lasting and easy maintenance. Duluxe Jupiter series is complete with various resistance such as shock and mar. This system is made for tough conditions, for example high traffic. It has an integral striker strips, as well as rubber strips to provide for silent operations on both sides of the door.


Ceiling Hung

DuraClass Uranus has the ability to transform the look of any restroom while drawing attention to the space that is accentuated by the ceiling hung pilasters. The use of superior materials ensures added resistance for scratches, stains, crocks, steam as well as wear and tear. The stainless steel accessories exude a sense of style while ensuring durability.



Exclusivity at first sight. For many years. Exclusivity, quality, safety-no other cubicle offers all these attributes for such a long time. Glass as a construction material does not just give a special and high-quality ambiance, but is also very suitable for creating robust, durable and vandal-proof constructions. For insistence “graffiti artists” will stant little chance. The good impression is long lasting and no costs for difficult repairs and special cleaning will arise. The TUV-certificated quality ensures that you are on the safe side.


Customized cubicles

Duluxe D’Concepts is a creative solution for any restroom worries, it is customize and tailor-made to suit your needs, Along with its various combinations, it can withstand high traffic and usages. Its accessories can be made up of an integration of nylon, aluminum as well as stainless steel to ensure its rigidly and resistance.